Energy Innovation First

Inventum was founded in 1908 by Alexander Vosmaer, an engineer who had graduated from Delft University of Technology. Vosmaer built his own factory in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, to manufacture instruments and appliances, initially under the name Onvo but later using Inventa as well. In 1915 he decided on the name that stuck: Inventum, based on his own work as an inventor of technology and derived from the Latin verb inventare.

In the years preceding the First World War, the factory started to design and produce - as yet - straight-forward products such as hot-water bottles and irons, some of which were exported abroad. 

Cheap electricity rates provided opportunities

In the late twenties, the factory started to produce water heaters, which meant that the water could be heated at night when the electricity rate was low and used during the day for household purposes. Today these operations, now the hot-water division, remain one of the company’s core activities.

Household appliances split off

In 1981 the company was taken over by De Industriële Maatschappij, an investment company that split off or sold some of the divisions. Martex Holland B.V. acquired the remaining divisions that focused on small household appliances and negotiated the use of the brand name Inventum for those devices. Consequently, Inventum household appliances have had no links to Inventum hot water since 1994. 

Our high-tech factory 

On 6 may 2010, Inventum Bilthoven was devastated by a great fire. Since then we have produced water heaters, boiling water appliances and ventilation heat pumps in Houten, the Netherlands. We think up, produce and sell the latest innovations in our field, both for the domestic market and the international market, from our base, our high-tech factory.