Core values

Core values. They stand for everything that is important to us, for what we believe in and for what unites us. Our core values give direction to our actions.


Manufacturing companies are indispensable for the future of the Netherlands. We are a true Dutch manufacturing company; we have had the lead in our field for more than a century and we can build on proven solid foundations. And that builds trust.

High quality 

We guarantee high-end performance. Our products and solutions are of a first-class quality, are characterised by their superlative appearance and have outstanding price-quality ratios.

We focus on solutions

Our practical nature and considerable capacity for solving problems mean that we work purposefully and constructively towards finding the best solutions for our customers. And it goes without saying: we keep our word.


We have innovation in our DNA. We regard innovation as our corporate social responsibility, which means using energy as efficiently as possible. That’s the source of inspiration for our ongoing search for new technology.


The first thing you will notice when you meet our staff is their passion. We are proud of what we do and we share this pride. We feel responsible for the results and that’s why we feel a sense of ownership and are not afraid to take the initiative.