Sustainable innovation

At Inventum, we make sustainable products in our field, but we are also aware of our responsibility for the welfare of our staff and how we care for the environment. That’s why we encourage our staff to come to work by bike every day and it’s why we are active members of several national networks like Duurzaam Gebouwd (for sustainable building) and Houten’s regional division of the CSR association.

Our policy on sustainability concentrates on both our products and our operations. We deliberately choose innovative and sustainable suppliers, whose goals are not purely financial gain, to transport our products or to supply our raw materials, etc.

Energy Innovation First

Saving energy is a sport. And that applies to our own factory in Houten as well as the end users of our products. Our premises are heated - or cooled in summer - by sustainable means. And that’s not the only energy-saving bit of kit we have. Our factory hall and the offices are fitted with LED lights with movement sensors, which switch the lighting switches on and off. So when no one’s working at a certain place, the light will switch off automatically.

We are always looking for new ways to re-use, recycle and regenerate waste. If the build-up of scale prevents a water heater from working properly, we collect it, clean it thoroughly and return it