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Inventum meets HPC2017

The triennial 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017 will be held at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam from 15th – 18th May. The conference will show Heat Pumping Technologies as one of the key technologies in existent and future energy systems. No time to hesitate. ‘Rethink energy, act NOW!’ as conference theme, clearly signifies the paradigm change that is needed which can already now get into effect! Inventum is present and will show the possibilities with our ventilation heat pump, the Ecolution. 


Our Ecolution ventilation heat pump is a breakthrough in energy efficiency. This ventilation heat pump ventilates your home and fills it with fresh, healthy air. Not only that, but it recovers all the heat from the ventilated air. The Ecolution makes full use of the hot air from the house while it is still warm and before it is blown outside. The recovered warmth heats the central heating system and tap water so that the house can be heated up again. The Ecolution makes high-efficiency water heaters 35% more efficient. 

Conference topics

The Conference will start with six workshops and will continue after a plenary opening session with high level speakers with three days of presentations. The Conference therewith will have the unique opportunity to present four main conference tracks.

  • Domestic applications, ranging from Nearly Zero Energy Buildings to Multi Family Buildings and Domestic Hot Water 
  • Smart Communities with, Hybrid Heat Pumps, Smart Grids, District Heating, storage and ground sources. 
  • Industrial Heat Pumps and Waste Heat
  • Sorption Technologies, Working Fluids and Non Traditional Heat Pump Systems 

Register and information

For more information please click here. If you want to register, click here

We hope to see you at HPC 2017.