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Let’s build efficient, comfortable homes together

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our industry without its supply chain management - and rightly so. Changes in standards and more stringent requirements for energy transition demand not good but excellent shared solutions. 

For instance, the right insulation and draught exclusion have huge effects on the capacity of a heat pump, but if a heat pump has too much nominal capacity, it could influence the future local generation of energy on the roof of a home. A properly fitted installation that is not well adjusted will impair the home’s comfort and energy consumption. 

Integrated collaboration works

We are talking about measures that work as a whole, and we can achieve this if our collaboration is properly integrated. Builders, consultants, fitters and occupants; if we work together, we can guarantee good performance and quality. 

This new way of working together has an affect on our role as a manufacturer: instead of being ‘just’ a supplier, we have become a significant link in the overall solutions required for energy-saving, pleasant homes.  

We can continue to innovate by sharing what we know

We also like to share what we know because we know that, together, we can make great things: marvellous innovations that produce a sustainable and cosy indoor climate. Join us, because we can only keep our lead on the market if we work together. Please don’t hesitate to give us a ring or send us an email for an appointment. No strings attached.