Ventilation heat pumps

Sooner or later, every home - not just new ones - must start saving energy. More and more is being invested to improve the energy performance of existing homes, which is logical, because home owners want to cut back on the ever-soaring costs of energy.

Our Ecolution ventilation heat pump is a breakthrough in energy efficiency. This ventilation heat pump ventilates your home and fills it with fresh, healthy air. Not only that, but it recovers all the heat from the ventilated air. The Ecolution makes full use of the hot air from the house while it is still warm and before it is blown outside. The recovered warmth heats the central heating system and tap water so that the house can be heated up again. The Ecolution makes high-efficiency water heaters 35% more efficient.

Solo and Combi

The Ecolution comes in two models: Solo and Combi. So what’s the difference? The Solo provides mechanical ventilation and produces heat for the heating system. The Combi 50 also uses mechanical ventilation, supplies heat for the heating system, and it helps generate hot tap water too. The Ecolution can be used with all types of high-efficiency water heaters.

The Ecolution Hybrid and All Electric concepts

When high-efficiency water heaters are combined with our Ecolution Solo or Combi 50, we call the system our hybrid concept. The Ecolution supplies heat for the base load and the high-efficiency water heater when necessary during peak times. The Ecolution provides the home with fully mechanical ventilation and a large proportion of the heat and hot tap water.

The Ecolution All Electric is a combination of our Ecolution Solo or Combi 50, a 2-6-kW electric reheater and the 80-litre EDR boiler. We have designed this combination specifically for new builds and homes that have undergone energy renovation so that primary heat load has been reduced to below 15,000 Mj. Our Ecolution All Electric is an overall solution for ventilation, heating and hot water; it’s an excellent, straight-forward and relatively cheap solution for new homes that do not have gas.