Ecolution All Electric concept

All Electric is a term that you hear and read increasingly often. In many new build projects, no gas connection is laid any longer. There is only electricity. The homes are heated with a heat pump and cooking takes place electrically. That makes All Electric the solution that leads to less gas consumption and more sustainable housing.

The Ecolution All Electric is a combination of the Ecolution Solo and a 2 - 6 kW electric reheater. We designed this combination specifically for new builds homes that have undergone energy renovation so that the primary heat load is reduced to below 15,000 MJ. The Ecolution All Electric is an overall solution for ventilation and heating. The hot tap water is provided with different solutions here. This is an excellent, straight-forward and relatively cheap solution for new homes that do not have gas.

Inventum’s All Electric solution is simple but highly effective. It is also suitable for both new build homes and zero-energy renovations. The investment is low. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.