Water heaters

5-litre to 500-litre content. For new builds and existing homes. To use for just one flat or a whole block. Can be fitted either horizontally or vertically. We can produce the right water heater for every situation at our factory in Houten, the Netherlands. From kitchen boilers to large storage tanks. Hot water is our speciality, and has been for more than a century.

We love the challenge of staying ahead of the competition and applying the very latest technology to central heating and hot water systems. We stay abreast of developments at our very well-equipped R&D department and it’s all because we want to guarantee the best quality. Most of our boilers are full copper, and for good reason. We wouldn’t be satisfied with any less.

A full range of water heaters

We have a full range of water heaters, which includes:

  • Kitchen boilers
  • Directly fired water heaters
  • Indirectly fired water heaters
  • Storage tanks
  • Instantaneous water heater replacement heaters